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Username: rays1

Age: 56

Sex: ?

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Black Horse, Rainhill

I went there last week and ordered a “steak” and onion baquette. After 10 minutes chewing one of a few tiny slices of rubber “steak” on a half-loaf size baquette (quantity over quality?) I
gave it up as being completely inedible. I tried to catch the Maitre d’s attention but, she avoided me after realising I was not happy with this. I then explained to the waitress that the “steak” was inedible; and she simply said, “Ok, I’ll tell them” and took it away back to the swill-bin it belonged. What was most annoying was that they just ignored this and didn’t even have the grace to
offer a replacement, refund, voucher nor apology...Never again!

6 Feb 2011 13:43

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