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The Briar Rose, Birmingham

Went here last week- was told we HAD to have a meal each as we had a teenager with us? Cynical or what ! Food was the usual Spoons portioned-controlled rubbish but the beer wasn't bad. Why does it need bouncers on a Sunday afternoon ??? Interior Ok service fine but NOT family friendly. Better than the Square Peg but there are so many better pubs nearby.

18 Dec 2013 21:59

The Mill Hotel, Chester

An absolutely superb hotel bar which is attended to by efficient, friendly staff. Always has several ales on tap , and as other reviewers have said, the prices are very reasonable for a hotel. The food is very good and the bar meals are well priced. Lots of screens for sport but the volume isnt loud so you can chat easily. My only niggle is that it is pretty difficult to get somewhere to sit at weekend evenings but this is obviously a good sign . Strangely enough, the smoking area is the most picturesque part ! Chester centre is a 5 min walk along the canal -or 25 mins on the way back !

22 Jun 2011 20:55

Boathouse, Chester

This used to be a super pub- now,on my recent visits we were served short measured, flat lager in a plastic glass. Next, some old woman barked that we couldnt eat or have anything else to drink as we had children with us (outside)and it was nearly 7pm (shock horror !!).Pub was fairly empty by this time so it is surprising they can afford to turn down business . To cap it all, was asked if i wanted 'some gear' when i went to the gents. Needless to say, unless you want plastic glasses,'gear' and have no children then this place should now be avoided.

5 Jun 2011 13:15

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