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The Owls Nest, West Parley

A friendly quirky treasure of a pub. We have defected to here following nasty tarting up of nearby establishment.

In the end the 'other lot' have done us a favour as this is more welcoming than they ever were.
Have also eaten here and will again. I don't drink beer so probably shouldn't be contributing to this site, but the wine is nice, and the locals all seem to be enjoying their pints.

12 Apr 2013 00:04

The Fettykil Fox, Glenrothes

This was quite nice 3 or 4 years ago for a 'chain' pub; still had some character. I do hope it is not destined for the butchering our local Vintage Inn has just suffered. Now neither vintage nor inn. Whoever thought an old farmhouse needed mirror strips on the walls and frosted glass panels, needs removing to a padded cell. If they want somewhere to look this naff, why not pick on somewhere which has no merit to begin with? At least no damage would be done. Needless to say, the grasping corporate want diners. I do hope this is not destined to be just a restaurant - our local used to have groups of colleagues in for a chat after work. Lovely atmosphere. If this pub is still a pub, and is your local, then ask questions now before its too late.

3 Apr 2013 13:58

The Curlew, Bournemouth

Agree completely with previous post. The poor old Curlew had just mellowed from the previous assault from the brigade with too much mushroom paint and a mistaken belief that Starbucks Stylie furniture is appropriate for a country pub - and now this. The etched glass panels have driven the nails into the coffin. All remaining atmosphere gone - greedy shoe-horning in of extra tables and nowhere left for locals to sit except a mean little area with nasty little chairs right next to the 'rent a mob' table. So now you can have over-excited twits braying in your ear. Still, if you're reading this and think nail bars are a good idea, or you drive a glaring white 4x4 with blingy headlights, you'll probably love it.

I'll be at the Owl's Nest.

25 Mar 2013 21:37

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