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The Whittington Stone, Highgate

The only good thing I can say about this place is that it's cheap. But cheap n cheerful it ain't. You get what you pay for. Avoid. (It's not in Highgate either, it's definitely in Archway. A place like this wouldn't do any business in Highgate. It shouldn't do even in Archway either).

9 Nov 2015 19:24

Camden Head, Camden

I gotta say I don't recognise this pub from the description below - I see it was written by someone calling themselves 'stroppy' so perhaps it's not surprising it's almost totally negative. All I can say is that I've been here tons of times and never felt cold or had to fight my way in past pushchairs and shoppers, and I've never been abused by anyone in there either - in fact the punters and staff are generally pretty decent IME. Believe me if they weren't I wouldn't go in there and it wouldn't be one of my fave pubs in the area.

I like the 'feel' of this place and it's location - it's really handily placed and being on a corner you can sit and watch the world go by (and in this place that can be fun!) as well as gaze upon the beauty of ye olde Sports Direct shoppe over the road. Admittedly it isn't a great place for you real ale enthusiasts, but it's reasonably priced for the area and the beer always seems ok to me.

The tv feed is not appalling at all and they show most live football games (2 screens) - however they don't usually put the sound up, so there's better places around for watching footy if that's your thing. As for the pool table, I was in there the other day and they seem to have got rid of it, which is a good thing as it wasn't a very good one and took up too much space. Another improvement I noticed - and what a major one it is! - is they've just upgraded the gents toilets and they're now the best I can think of in the area. Big thumbs up for that!

As for the food I can't comment as I've never had any but if the prices are like the booze then it's probably reasonably priced - it's no 'gastropub' (thank god) but it's probably an ok place for a burger. I've noticed that the staff eat there so it can't be that bad!

So anyway this is definitely in my top 3 pubs in the area - and probably unlike 'stroppy' I do live locally! (but have no connection with the pub at all) - so don't let the odd negative comment by some misery-guts put you off visiting here. It's one of the best in Camden town.

4 Jan 2012 10:11

The Vine, Kentish Town

@milfer - well you're right about the high prices, but then again The Vine was pricey even before it was given a makeover, so I wasn't expecting anything else. But the beer is fine (Camden lager - great but 4.10 a pint! It's 3.40 just up the road at the Southampton Arms!) - and on the two occasions I've been there so far the service has been really good.

Generally I think the upgrade has been done well - ok it's a gastro, but it was before anyway and had lost its way. The bar area has been extended and there seems a lot more space and tables in there now, and it feels lighter and airier than before. There's a separate dining area at the back and also at the front, which is split between eating and drinking area at the very front - though no doubt some diners there won't appreciate the fag smoke wafting up at them from below! However that won't bother me as I won't be eating there.

3 Aug 2011 06:17

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