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Username: pubman72

Age: 49

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The Exchange, Winchester

This pub now takes the piss. The toilets are a disgrace. As the floor becomes soaked in the loos, it now spills out into the sloped, public hallway creating a hazard. As this becomes awash with piss it soaks into the floor tiles which are now lifting up. Not that the landlord gives two shits. There are never enough bar staff. The landlord sits with his mates looking down his nose at the people who pay him and his staff. When the sport is on it takes anything up to 20 minutes to get a drink and still he sits there watching his predominantly female staff get stressed and shouted at by his 'customers'. The behaviour of the customers is never challenged and I, for one, would remove his licence. The garden has an air of menace and is regularly flooded with drinkers in their late teens who have had too much but are not being supervised by the Licensee or their staff sufficiently.
To see how staff and customers should be treated in a sports bar, then look no further than The Mucky Duck in Hyde. It should be a lesson that if you treat your customers well, they will respond in kind, come back and look after your pub. If you don't, you end up with The Exchange. Not that, I expect for one minute, the landlord gives a shit.
I, and many others,

18 Jun 2014 11:13

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