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The Blythe Hill Tavern, Forest Hill

Maths not my strong point either but come on whats the chances of two people in such a short space of time commenting? the Irish mafia...

11 Jul 2013 22:11

The Blythe Hill Tavern, Forest Hill

Oh look two people have commented within a hour , two barflies from this pub perhaps?

11 Jul 2013 22:07

Royal Albert, New Cross

Hearing positive things from a couple of transgender mates about this pub since the name change i decided to head there after work one Friday evening. The old pub surfaced bad memories for me as i saw my ex wife Helen getting off with two likely lads from the Pepys estate and because of the violent undertones that the pub promoted back then i had to leave without her and to this day i only have her "word " as to what happened that night even though coming back 27 hours later validated my initial fears. So off i went looking to erase the past, and ordering my first Guinness and packet of nuts and sitting down around complete new surroundings i had the belief that what Helen got up to that night and following day was all a distant nightmare. There was a point that night when Helen straddled one of the estate lads as he sat hunched upon one of the bar stools , from what i can see the stools have been upholstered to a more brighter design which is a example of how much this pub has changed . The old pub was awash with feral featured Dickensian characters who thought nothing about taking away a good mans wife ,using their inherent criminal ways to impress and manipulate women of previous good standing. . As well as nicer stools in the Royal Albert the clientele is remarkably changed a typical regular is hard working with values i myself share and i was lucky enough to spend my second and third pint talking over constructive stuff varying from Karl Marx to the current issues facing the middle east and my sense of belonging and self worth flowered through the night. To be honest i bear no malice to Helen whatsoever if the life she wants to lead is being passed about the local drug fiends bedsits then more fool her, you go to work and support these characters you will soon see the buzz is replaced by fear and sadness. So all in all cracking little pub and i thank it for finally putting memories in the bin where they will stay .

28 Jun 2013 18:49

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