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The River Park Inn, West Parley

River Park Inn, nope, now TWENTY ON THE RIVER.
This visit has to be planned and you should ALLOW plenty of TIME??
Recently went for a family outing (13) Sunday afternoon. Firstly great looks, nice setting and views. Dress code states SMART CASUAL, me thinks footie gear was acceptable by dinners, some waiters with holes in jeans!! Will state that our waiter was VERY Good and could take control in most situations. THE LET DOWN!
It took ONE and HALF hours for a ALL of us to receive our main meals, so some of us had eaten and finished and others were still to be served. The strange question to be asked was that some of those waiting for their meals were the same as those who had already eaten an identical meal (roast beef)!! Neadless to say that when their meals arrived they were LUKE WARM. However now tired of waiting,a replacement meal would have taken for the next lunar passing.
Would like at this juncture to state that what was presented was good and the food excellent.
The coffee's and tea's came around, CUPS WERE DIRTY AND RETURNED, these were still stained (this was on what we could see!!), SO WHAT WAS IT LIKE ON THE other items that we could not see!!! HELP!!
Liquior coffee's were just luke warm, but why wait and ask for a replacement!
There are many other pubs (or should I say NOW restaurants as this one has now become) touting for trade and offer similar meals. If you are not in a hurry and can wait lengthy periods of time for your meals, then give it a try, BUT CONSIDER THESE POINTS FIRST. Lengthy waiting times for meals (Seemed the norm at several tables), certainly overpriced for their food (roast beef 9.95), and a glass of coke 1.80!
Take a look around before you book and maybe someone will take note on why their business has dropped off! Shame as this could be a very good eating place with a great ambience!
Bon appetite, fellow dinners!

9 Sep 2007 20:30

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