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Cheeky Monkeys, Hull

I think this pub is disgusting.The amount of trouble that comes from this pub is awfull considering the bouncers dont report or do anything about the voilence that goes on in this pub.they should be sacked.they are not worth the pay either that or the pub should be shut down.It is full of chavs that like to hit out and rob innocent people who are trying to have a good night out just so they can get there fix.mean while when this is happening the bouncers like to stand and watch for there own entertainment....i myself are disgusted with the recent activity which happend,which nearly left a close friend dead while the bouncers couldnt even be botherd to ring the police,i myself had to ring them up and the bouncers just stood there watching.i am appauled at this situation and shall not be going there anymore as i was a regular......well i am going to be sewing this is unfit and unsafe for the public who wish to have a good night out.

2 Sep 2009 00:53


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