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The Marsh Harrier, Norwich

I have visited the Marsh Harrier in Norwich twice. On my first visit I was attracted by the beautiful building and traditional feel of the pub. I was also amazed by how many tables and people the venue could cater for. However the food and service certainly doesn't live upto anywhere near the standard of the building!!

My mind of not returning to the pub was certainly made up when on my second visit when my food was served on a plate that had not been washed. You could feel the grease and see the finger prints around the edge of the plate! There was food stuck to the edges of the plate and it was just dirty in general. Another thing that puts me off the pub is how the cutlery is kept in a pot in the middle of the table. How do you know how long it has been there and who has touched it and put it back before you eat off it!! Also the way that the sauces are served I find incredibly rude. The waitress stands there and waits until you have finished taking the sauces. This all sounds fine but you feel rushed and if you would like any more once you have started eating your meal you can't get any. All in all if you like average food served on dirty plates with awful bar service then this is the place for you to go!

7 Feb 2009 12:01

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