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The Woolpack, Elstead

Having lived in Elstead for quite a few years I have watched the progress of this pub closely. The most recent owners have made an excellent effort with the refurb (although they have completely ignored the garden), and are pushing food above all else. Remember this is a pub and not a restaurant, the owners name is above the door indicating that he is licenced to serve intoxicating liquor, not prioritise food.

I cannot understand the reviews on here that state welcoming or friendly staff as this is quite wrong. They are just plain rude, exceptionally so if you are not there to eat. From entry they assume that you will be eating (it's a pub!) as the food they serve obviously accounts for most of their income (again, pub!). The attitude of the staff when they realise you just want a drink is deplorable, they try to seat you at the worst tables and even shout at customers who are drinking that dare to try to sit in comfort. This has happened three times to groups I have been with so I can report first hand how annoying and rude their attitude is. This attitude has no place in a pub that is licenced as such, with customers paying good money to enjoy a drink in their local.

I have also eaten here under the new management, expensive, and really not worth the money.

I predict The Woolpack will be changing hands again soon, as this kind of service only serves to deter valuable customers. I will certainly not darken their door again until this has happened.

The woolpack has massive potential, as an eaterie and a pub, but landlord do remember you are running a pub not a restaurant. If you want to run a restaurant then buy one and pay for the licence as a restaurant not a pub. There is no such thing as a Gastropub this is just a term not a licence option!

4 Feb 2013 13:52

The Royal Oak, Pirbright

Very well priced beer, a pint of Stella is 2.90, that's the only recommendation I can give apart from a nice garden, even though they have a smokers section in the garden! Scandalous!

Oh, don't bother with the food its late, overpriced and poorly cooked and presented.

19 Jun 2008 19:44

The Mill at Elstead, Elstead

Since the last proper landlord left this pub and Fullers took over it has serioulsy gone downhill. Getting served in the most quiet of times is a lottery, even though they employ ample staff. I have been in there a couple of times and actually had four or five members of staff walk past the bar comptetuously, as if to suggest that you are too much trouble by just going in and expecting service.

As mentioned before dont bother with the food, its overpriced poor quality and the service is disgraceful.

The garden and particularly the balcony overlooking the river are very pleasant, but the price of the beer is very off-putting, even though the government upped the tax on alchohol recently this pub decided to add another 50p per pint on for good measure. Just after the budget I went in and was charged 7.85 for a pint of Kronenbourg and a glass of wine, absolute daylight robbery. Recently the prices have relaxed a bit, probably to due to the fact that their clientelle voted with their feet and gone to drink elsewhere.

The food here has never been anything to shout about but the service was, Gordon the old landlord would even give a discount to regulars and make sure that no matter what the press at the bar was like you would get served as promptly as possible.

What a waste of potential, with a decent chef, enthusiastic staff and just a little effort this pub could be a complete winner, but they rely on their garden and dwindling reputation to pull the punters in. On a sunny day it is heaving (so avoid or you may have to wait up to half an hour to get served), and on a wet day not worth paying the prices they charge. I've given it 4/10 should really be 2/10 but I live in hope that something can be done.

19 Jun 2008 19:10

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