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SW4, Clapham

On the whole this place has great potential. It's up-to-date, trendy, big, very clean, has a great atmosphere and it's in a very good location.
I've been there twice and enjoyed it, even though we didn't get a seat. I don't go there anymore, purely because of the crowds.
The Management of this place need to step in to improve things. Mainly the lack of seating and the minors - I saw several "kids" drinking in there both times I went.

13 Jan 2005 00:38

O'Neills, Putney Bridge

The negative posters must be deluded!
This is top notch pub.....
(1) Never crowded
(2) Un-smoky
(3) Great food - 2 for 1 meals during the day
(4) Comfortable seats
(5) Classy customers - i.e. no obnoxious lads/students!

13 Jan 2005 00:26

The Rockingham Arms, Elephant and Castle

The Wetherspoons in E&C is for 2 types of people..........
..........students and those who can only afford cheap drinks.
It doesn't have a relaxing atmosphere and it's impossible to get comfortable, especially as it's usually full of obnoxious lads being loud.
It's very unclean, with dirty tables, floors and drinks/plates not being taken away by staff.
The non-smoking area always has young idiots smoking in there and the staff don't bat an eyelid.
This place is not worth going to just for the sake of saving 50p on a drink.

13 Jan 2005 00:19

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