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The Springfield Bar & Grill, Bounds Green

"Add to this a cold pub, terrible blaring music and overpriced beer (for the area), and you have a thoroughly miserable experience. AVOID!"


Beer overpriced??? I looked back on a review I did of the Ranelagh in 2007 and the Guinness was more expensive then (3.30 per pint!) than the Springfield is now. Not having been in the Ranelagh for a few years I can't comment on what they charge but I bet it's not cheap and I very much doubt it's as cheap as the SPT.

As far as the issue about requesting that people buy drink - fair enough. I wouldn't dream of going into a pub to watch football without having a few drinks and resent seeing cheeky sods taking up table space without having the decency to purchase a drink. It is a business after all.

Maybe I'm old fashioned in that respect.

It still does what it says on the tin. A good honest boozer. Treat people well and you'll be treated well.

20 Mar 2011 20:19

The Royal Standard, Gerrans

Was in the area recently and had a couple of very tasty meals in here. The menu was reassuringly small with interesting local produce and fresh fish heavily featured. I would heartily recommend it to anyone visiting the Portscatho/Gerrans area.

The one real ale on tap (Betty Stogs when I visited, but I think they vary it as I saw a Doom Bar pump clip) was well kept and very tasty. If you really must drink fizzy nonsense masquerading as beer - that looked fine too.

Seems like it attracts the locals as well and isn't just touristcentric - which is always a good thing.

To sum up - friendly, clean, good value tasty food and decent beer. Nice beer garden too.

25 Jun 2009 12:21

The Roseland Inn, Philleigh

Used to go to the Roseland Inn quite a bit when down in the Roseland Peninsula on holiday. It was prettty good initially, but then went into a bit of a nosedive.

Haven't visited for a few years, but recently went back after finding out about the new(ish) owners and the attached microbrewery.

Vast improvement. The food was very good (the steak I had was particularly noteworthy) and their own ale (the ridiculously named Cornish Shag - why do real ale brewers have such infantile senses of humour?) was very tasty.

Prices? Not a bargain, but reasonable for the quality on offer I suppose.

I don't know if it gets many locals in though - it seemed as though all the customers were tourists on the night we went.

Still - if you're down there etc. etc... It's worth a visit.

8 Jun 2009 12:00

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