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Username: mowll

Age: 43

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The Masons Arms, Walworth

These reviews are really, really negative and quite unjustified. Yes, the place is a little dirty, and probably doesn't attract people in the highest of income brackets - but that doesn't warrant such sneering comments. I stumbled in here by accident, and I had a great Sunday afternoon - the people in there were all very friendly, and the bar staff perfectly polite. It is in no way pretentious, it is just an honest friendly place. I didn't think it was woeful at all - i thought it was quite charming, here were people having a drink on a Sunday, after either having been to the market or working on it all day (it was a bitterly cold day in January), relaxing, talking to their friends. It also had a relly good mix of different people in there, from really quite young to a really nice old couple who came in, he for his Guiness and she for her port. The second time I went again I found the same environment - and again, I really don't understand the idea that it is in anyway dark or shady or full of dregs, unless it is just snobbery. It is what a pub should be like - completely unpretentious, just a good, honest place to go and have a drink. AND, the music they played was brilliant; if a little strange, they seemed to have some sort of CD which skipped from Sinatra, to Sinitta, to Dizzee (I know I have spelt that wrong!) Rascal, to Tammy Wynette and then to the Supremes. It really was a great pub, exactly what a pub should be.

15 Mar 2010 12:43

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