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Username: mlmcjonesy

Age: 38

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The Crosse Keys, Bank

Champions league final.....Biggest screen in the world....sound on....absolutely rammed....amazing atmosphere...great pub! Not so sure I'd be equally impressed if the champs league final wasn't on however!

22 May 2008 14:22

The Railway Tavern, Chelmsford

Well, what can I say...The Railway! Only been there a couple of times and on each occasion I've been half cut. On the first occasion I remember taking the p*ss out of the landlord for looking a bit like Jim Royle, personally I thought it was a compliment but sadly he didn't share my enthusiasm. Anyway, the next time I proceeded along the same lines and again he was none too impressed. BUT, regardless of me being a general pr*ck, the place isn't that bad and is definately a must before any visit to the Cave! Sexy times!

14 May 2008 16:47

The Cheshire Cheese, Tower Hill

Good little pub, although it is stuck under Fenchurch Street which means inside it's as dark as a Stanley Kubrick film. One quarm I do have with it is that the toilets are utterly filthy, and you get a lovely little whiff of them everytime someone opens the door....lovely jubbly. Apart from that the place is pretty good and I personally prefer it to the P+P next door.

14 May 2008 11:43

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