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Username: mikeyr1234

Age: 36

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The Nell Gwynne, Covent Garden

"You say you won't be back. That's fine. It's a shame you couldn't just leave quietly with some dignity" - Wow. What great feedback that is. You talk about dignity yet dont seem to have much when someone posts a negative review of your place on here?

People dont "hide behind usernames" - They simply post their reviews of pubs up on here. I actually really enjoyed my time in your pub but just because someone else did not why attack like that? You made your point about the riots and could have quite easily left it at that but instead had to carry on.

The only person acting without dignity on here is you. If you want to respond to criticism then do it in a professional manner - whats the point in doing it the way you have?

19 Aug 2011 00:51

The Worlds End, Camden

Tel - A good question mate. Camden is an absolute rip off at the moment and I think will continue to be so for a while. When i'm down in waterloo I pay around 3.50 for a Guinness, its near 4 - 4.10 in Camden. Its stupid.

19 Aug 2011 00:45

The Hawley Arms, Camden

Right, so because she drank in this pub - that means then automatically that this review page for the quality of a PUB should now become a tribute page? Or how about it should stick to being a place to review a pub. Her death has got nothing to do with it.

25 Jul 2011 01:59

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