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Username: midlands_drinker

Age: 57

Sex: ?

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Nags Head, Great Bridge

In response to Abodavid, who asks what you've got to lose going in this pub...

The answer is simple. About 5 weeks off work with Salmonella poisoning..

The only nice thing about this pub is the sign that says "exit".

Utter dive of a pub. In fact thats being nice.. This place is a shed...

28 May 2007 00:33

The Goldthorn Pub, Wolverhampton

WHo called this place a pub ?

I've been thrown out of worse doss holes than this.

Whoever owns this place is a disgrace to the pub profession because its dirty, the manager is a cocky know it all who would argue the arse end off a donkey.

Whoever taught him how to keep beer wants locking up because I've had some dodgy pints in my time but this place takes it to a whole new level. If I wanted vinegar Id go out and buy some Sarsons. Not pay over the top for something which they claim to be a real ale, but would be better thrown over your chips.

THeres only one thing good about this pub, and thats the door that takes you out of it...

27 Jan 2007 09:25

The Royal Exchange, Haverhill

Super pub, well managed, nice atmosphere.

Small in size but big on character.

Definitely the best pub in the area.

13 Jan 2007 11:23

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