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Username: mattsaze

Age: 49

Sex: male

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The Dolphin, Kings Cross

In defence of The Dolphin:

It's a shitehole - Well it has a charm of it's own that may not appeal to some - I like the interesting artefacts on the wall - howabout a reference to committee room D(olphin) by the National Union of Journalists?
The regulars give you looks - Yes, but try talking, they're not hostile, perhaps they try to hide their friendliness so it doesn't get too popular (my opinion). But there is definitely no aggro.
The landlord is strange and pissed - a little unfair, he's alright really, just like the locals. He'll do everything he can to look after you while you're there. Just look at comment advising someone to go to Mable's (pub down the road) when real ale was off.
It is quiet in here but that makes a change to some of the others nearby.
The food is great, Thai curries etc, authentic and tasty.
I arranged a xmas social for my union branch here and the food was excellent, the price very reasonable and we were made to feel very welcome.

22 Aug 2006 15:43

Goose, Bloomsbury

This pub is ok most of the time. I find this chain a bit like the McDonald's of the pub world. You can go in any of them for exactly the same experience.
It's obviously a local for some, and that means you need to respect them.
However, an earlier comment that it is frequented by a london based man utd hooligan firm could be true. I wouldn't go in there when they're around, which thankfully isn't that often. If they are try 'The Friend at Hand' round the corner, and they will be true to their name.

22 Aug 2006 12:39

Ryan's Bar, Stoke Newington

Second only to Auld Shillelagh, and is better in terms of fantastic beer garden. Shillelagh gets my vote for traditional Irishness, Ryans gets it for making effort on music scene. They are also really friendly for families. My mate arranged a reasonably priced party for his two year old in the downstairs (they are licensced for it) after facing overpriced 'proper' kids places in Stokie. Music generally good and clientele are v friendly too.

22 Aug 2006 12:04

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