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Username: matt_k

Age: 51

Sex: male

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The Elephant and Castle, Amwell

I enjoyed a very nice pub lunch and a beer one lunchtime in here the other week. It's a lovely little pub tucked away in a country lane that has a very nice atmosphere. The management were quite happy for me to bring my 2 year old son in, provided we sat in the right hand bar. Food good, beer good. Lovely.

6 Jun 2011 15:28

The Fighting Cocks, St Albans

Another pub lunch visit. Beer was ok, staff nice for a change (usually too busy talking to each other, but to be fair that was a couple of years ago), patrons smilingly tolerant of my vocal 2 year old son. So all good I guess, except it was a bit flat somehow. It never seems very pubby when I go in here, if you know what I mean. Mind you, neither do most of the pubs in St Albans. Good job I'm moving away soon.

23 Mar 2011 10:52

The Lendal Cellars, York

I enjoyed a pint and a half of some porter called Drop O The Black Stuff in here the other Sunday, which was delicious. The food that went with it was too. Shame about the pissed-up Geordies falling over each other in the corner (it was about 1 in the afternoon), but then that's hardly the pub's fault. (They left anyway, possibly at the urging of their embarrassed girlfriends.)

Zero atmosphere in here, on a Sunday lunchtime at any rate, but I enjoyed a quick visit anyway.

23 Mar 2011 10:37

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