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The North Star, Ealing

I've a long history with this pub! Back to the 1970s.
It was a favourite with the Lads for a Friday night when we were all at school/or first job together - convenient for the 'Monty's' curry house across the road too.
I met a couple of (serious) girlfriends in here, got very drunk more times than I can recall, and had a great time.
It was a traditional Irish pub (before those "Plastic Paddy Joints" arrived) so the crowd was always large, friendly and welcoming.
The "beer garden" was originally just an alleyway where punters could park cars and where the 11:30 punch-ups took place on Fri & Sats. Good clean fun, with plenty of betting going on on the side. Plod, when they bothered to turn up, would block the alley at the Broadway end, watch participants punch themselves out and then haul them to Ealing Police Station for a night in the cells to sleep it off.
There were no 'outdoor heaters'.
Food was MASSIVE Sunday roasts and huge stews during the week.
No music back then - the community singing would drown it out!
It's a shame that it has changed so much. The DJ was a disastrous change (too loud), the door staff a sad modern reflection on what was previously a rigourosly self-policed boozer.
They can't keep the ale and bitter either, which is a shame. It was renowned for well-kept beer before - bigger margins on fizzy keg stuff, I suppose.
The alternative "Town House" over the road catered for the other 'set'
I had a drink in here just before my Wedding. Just for old times sake. The landlord didn't say "Hello Lads - six pints as usual? I'll bring them over" Sad.

17 Feb 2015 02:52

The Cittie of Yorke, Holborn

Terrific pub, helpful staff ( mid-week evening). I take US work colleagues here and tell them the pub was built in the 1400s - they suck it up with joy!

11 Mar 2013 14:20

The Melton Mowbray, Holborn

Great pub for beer. Food pricey and slow.

11 Mar 2013 14:13

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