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The Waiting Rooms, Isleworth

West five now will come the CCJS

10 Mar 2008 13:24

The Waiting Rooms, Isleworth

Well not a loss, the brothers that ran this place didn't really know what they were doing. They owed money to suppliers and so forth.

The new people have promised a new venture with hidden delights of a Indian Tapas. We will welcome anything better than what it was.

I have spoken to the locals who have said the new venue will be great for the area and indeed better management and customer focus will be needed.

So great stuff, all the best and let the new landlords
may they continue with the success where the other two failed.

28 Jan 2008 18:03

The Lavender Restaurant and Bar, Battersea

I Had lunch there an hour ago. I was served rancid mashed potatoes. It was rotten. Sour, curdled and smelled of socks soaked in liquefied goats cheese. However, when we finally managed to get the blonde lady's attention, she was shocked that we dared to suggest the mash was not quite up to scratch. Said they had been serving it all day and no one complained... She was curt and appeared to be really put out that we would dare a) complain and b) suggest there was something wrong with the food. A little later she did come back to say she didn't know how the mash turned bad as it was 'freshly made that day' (read 'freshly microwaved to order') but at least she seemed to agree that mash potato is not supposed to taste of athlete's foot flavoured cream cheese.

It really pains me to have to put in a bad report here as Lavender always looks so inviting. Furthermore, its local and I really want local joints to do well. All they need to do is to serve palatable and non-rancid food and maybe get more staff in. The two blonde ladies in there always look stressed and over-worked (and the restaurant was less than half full when we were in).

21 Jan 2008 19:13

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