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Username: ladyday

Age: 44

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The Cowley Brick, Uxbridge

ixion, by walking on by in the future you will be doing the right thing. A person who lived near the pub was made ill by this. Landlord threatened them alledgedly when asking him to control the clientelle/noise. Is much happier since moving out, despite losing money on house sale due to pub's bad reputation.

It's hard to shift reputations, even for decent pub owners, but place still has same rubbish clientelle the previous owners attracted, violent drug taking youths, so it won't change. Visits from drug dealers on a Fri by all accounts, and landlady dealt herself I hear. History of guns, guy shot at a few years back in toilet. A guy got racist abuse once, fled as abuser had a gun. Lots of people getting beaten up in there, an older couple who were not trouble got hospitalised, landlord did nothing to stop it according to a witness, stood and watched the woman get hit by a youth on his own premises. Such a shame it has these kind of customers as it has potential to be a decent community local and being near to the University, it could attract better customers than it does.

Would be wonderful for the local people if someone would turn the place around but I can't see it happening.

1 Mar 2009 20:22

The General Eliott, Uxbridge

I popped in for a few drinks recently. The previous owner had left.

The beer was nowhere near as good and there was a loud and awful karoke. Shame really but I heard the previous manager was losing money so don't blame him for going. Sadly from my point of view I have lost one of my fave pubs in the area. Maybe I was unlukcy but the general conscensu of all who drank there was that the beer was poorly kept.

1 Mar 2009 19:54

The Load Of Hay, Uxbridge

I see lots of reviews have been removed. Probably for the best

Oh well I hope the pub has improved, it does sound like it is on the up which is good to hear, given that it is a nice traditional and very different pub to your averge chains that we are stuck with these days.

1 Mar 2009 19:48

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