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Username: joviate

Age: 49

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The Clayton Arms, Peckham

I went to this place - now the doll's house - on Saturday night for my birthday meal and drinks expecting it from their website to contain a restaurant as well as a bar. What a disappointment. The place sells only £15 burgers, has hardly any beers, and the staff have attitude coming out of their shoreditch samurai's. Really awful overpriced hipster joint with rude staff who seem to think that your lucky to be served by them. To top it all they managed to reserve us a table two when we'd asked for four. I stood at the bar for a good 20 minutes trying to get a glass of wine to go with my burger. The barstaff studiously ignored me. One even going out for a fag while I was standing there. When my burger arrived, I asked the waitress if she could get me a glass of wine to which the response was 'we don't to do that - bar service only' in a very uppity tone. When I explained I'd been standing at the bar for 20 mins she deigned to get me a glass of red - no discussion, no list - just there you are in a rude way. This is in a place that actually describes itself as a restaurant. I'm tempted to report it to trading standards! Never again.

18 Jan 2016 20:31

The Victoria Inn, Peckham

The pub's alright but like a lot of places in Peckham these days its all getting a bit hipstery - some of the staff seemed to have the attitude that I was privileged to be served by them. Not particularly friendly place - don't think I'll be back.

18 Jan 2016 20:22

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