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Username: jhclare

Age: 48

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The Lord Northbrook, Lee

A totally lovely pub and incredibly professional and friendly staff. Never came here before the overhaul, but all I can say is I really wish The Station in Hither Green would have the same treatment!

6 May 2012 15:26

The Dovetail, Clerkenwell

Have been twice recently and had two completely different experiences, which may explain the mixed reviews here.

Once midweek - excellent service, knowledgeable and friendly staff and yummy food. Couldn't fault it. However...

Last night (a Saturday) - disinterested and aloof barmaid who, when asked which fruit beer she'd recommend - "I hate fruit beers" (!), then went on to mention another beer on tap "but it's only 5%". Really no interest or knowledge of Belgian beer and looked at me like I had two heads whenever I went to the bar. No table service at all, even though it wasn't busy.

Then, after last orders, standing at deserted bar to close tab and make payment - "The bar's closed" bellowed across the pub from a table of staff obviously wanting to knock off early. No apology when I explained I was waiting to pay, and surely they should have been doing the final rounds themselves instead of sitting chatting at a table? Really unprofessional.

A real shame - I doubt we'll go back, at least not at a weekend.

6 May 2012 15:20

The Railway, Blackheath

This pub can be summed up as:

- great drinks selection
- above average food
- lousy staff
- lousy toilets
- sometimes feels more like a nursery than a pub due to selfish parents
- bad layout
- why is half the seating always reserved?

It has potential - the drinks selection is great. It has an outdoor non-smoking section (hooray!) which is enforced too. It is let down badly by poorly trained bar staff who can't multi-task, a very crowded bar (what's with the pillars and people standing blocking the bar chatting?).

The toilets are always abysmal. No soap (yes, I actually wash my hands after using the loo unlike most people in there...), wet floors, wet toilet roll everywhere (note - it's supposed to go in the toilet, not on the floor!). They really need to be inspected and cleaned hourly during busy periods.

These days we prefer The Princess of Wales.

22 Jul 2009 12:30

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