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I like beer Me. I also like food, a lot. I like to drink and eat where the owners care about what they are doing and care about their clienteles experience rather than just running things into the ground serving whatever slop they can get away with to make a short term profit as is the norm for a majority of Bournemouth and Poole establishments. Still, moving to Brighton in spring. They care about this sort of stuff in Brighton.

I grew up in family businesses of Hotels, Bars and Restaurants and among other things I am business coach and professional troubleshooter, which is perhaps why as a customer I'm always looking for the passion in how pubs or restaurants are run - because when they care it really shows and when they don't, it really sucks.

Username: jamie_fixit

Age: 57

Sex: male

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The Bugle Inn, Brighton

I don't like drinking anywhere the staff are defensive or borderline hostile - I can go to Bournemouth or Poole for that if I want it. Pubs are part of the hospitality industry aren't they? Not many smiles in here. Sullen attitude seems to sum it up well from the previous review. Nice pint of Doom Bar on guest, but moved swiftly on after the first pint to a comparatively tropical reception elsewhere.

8 Jul 2008 17:01

The Square and Compass, Worth Matravers

If you've never been you really have to try this. Got to agree with Richardandtong. Been going here off and on for years because it never fails to pacify my troubled mind. Not sure what axe slerpy has to grind (in fairness can't please all the people all the time) but it's immensely hard to fault this place for it's charm, character, setting, staff, beer, cider, pasties, music events, feeling of antiquity, etc. etc. It does not take itself to seriously and that's what contributes to it's lovely atmosphere.

It's clearly the heart of it's community for very good reason, it feels like home and I only manage to get there about 6 times a year because I live a distance away.

It could easily be used as an example for a lot of the chav palaces in Bournemouth for what a pub should aspire to. A hearty 10/10.

4 Jan 2008 17:58

Goat and Tricycle, Bournemouth

A top huge selection of tasty ales, nice bar staff, and a chav free zone, thankfully relaxed and stress free as ever, if quite busy. The only real pub in Bournemouth.

It used to feel like a real London pub and it has aesthetically survived it's revamp by the skin of it's teeth with about a 33% depletion in it's previous character. The new bar, fittings and furnishings look a bit characterless - like B&Q bad repro - too new, like a chain pub - and have sucked quite a bit of charm out of the old place. It confuses me why we seem to need to do this in Bournemouth just for the sake of it. Far better to leave it alone and restore it or replace it with something sensitive to it's actual design and period.

Like most other places in Bournemouth it's now also overlit - killing atmosphere, ambience and overall comfort.

The food was perviously 'old school microwave nasty' but I don't know if it's been improved.

The Cains Victorian Ale however is magnificent.

Still the only real pub in Bournemouth. Still gets my vote despite the damage.

16 Dec 2007 16:20

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