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Utobeer, Borough Market

<em>This isn't a pub, it's an offy. Ginger geezer is no more ruder than Norman. Fine selection of beers, he knows his stuff, what more do you want? Give the guy a break or go back to whatever sad boozer you hang out in.

I am the person you referred to in the post above with my old user name - I don't think that anyone said it was a pub so I'm not sure what your point is? I've been buying beers at Utobeer for years and spent a fortune thanks so I don't really need you telling me to "go back to whatever sad boozer you hang out in" - who made you king of the boards? I was just making a point about the guys rudeness - I seriously don't think that when you are spending 60+ on a few bottles of beer (which I do frequently), while everyone else around you is taking pics of the shelves a bit of pleasant customer service is too much to ask.

27 Oct 2009 23:16

Quinn's, Camden

Have always found the barstaff in here pleasant - the grey-haired guy is always chatting to us about heavy metal and punk and even played us a load of Saxon/Motorhead before we went to a gig in Kentish Town a few weeks back!

Good selection of Belgian/German beers. Toilets are a bit grim but at least they have loo roll and soap (Something a lot of places dont seem to bother about.) Good place to meet mates and have a drink/chat as can usually get a seat as its so big!

14 Aug 2009 20:05

The New Cross Inn / Bar Alchemy, New Cross

re creatures comments to me - customers who think they've come to dabble in an amazing "scene" they once read about in the NME a few years ago and are SO VERY DISAPPOINTED when it's actually a run-down old Irish boozer with crap promoters and shitty bands and psychopaths who try and assault you from across the bar. So when they come in, their faces downcast, noses wrinkling slightly, and look at you like you're not fit to lick their boots, you can understand a little bit of hostility

I hate to disappoint you but I've been going to the New Cross Inn since I first moved to London about 18 years ago and have no pretentions of an amazing new cross "scene". I also know how crappy bar work can be - however I dont expect a drama when I enter a pub because you're reading the paper and I've had the audacity to want a drink, in a bar!! As for your assumption that we came in looking down our noses at you - thats quite a joke- we've lived in New Cross for 15 years so we dont really have that kind attitude so again your assumption was way off mark.

11 Aug 2009 18:22

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