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Username: hmarsh

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OHM Bar, Bexleyheath

I attended OHM now called Pure on New Years Eve 2010. It was a reasonably good night although the music wasn't the greatest!! At the beginning of the night I left my coat in the cloak room for a cost of one pound. To be honest this should be included in the price of the pre-paid entry tickets at a cost of ten pounds each.

At the end of the night, I went to the cloak room to hand over my ticket for my coat, only to find two girls running around trying to find the coats of two other customers. One jacket was found. The other girl standing wasn't very impressed. The cloak room attendant responsed with "Its not our fault, it doesn't help you all having a go!!" Not really something you need to hear when you have been standing for around ten minutes, waiting. The other customer asked for the manager and the response to this was " He can't do anything". The other customer asked again and the manager was finally contacted.

During this time I had given my ticket to one of the cloak room attendants for my coat and they couldn't find my coat either. I asked if I could come around and have a look as I could easily identify my own coat. I was told that I couldn't do this because of health and safety reasons. The manager then dealt with my ticket, he however couldn't find my coat either. I was asked the colour of the coat several times, this being black. I was made to feel as if it was my fault for having a black coat. Funny, I have never had this problem with any other cloak room at any other clubs. The manager then asked if he could take my details and reassured me that it would be found. However it was absolutely freezing outside and I had a long journey home. I asked again to find my own coat. The manager did permit this and I managed to find my coat within a few minutes. It was hanging by itself at the back of the cloak room!!!

The attitude of all members of staff was very unprofessional.

I do not recommend Pure!!!!

5 Jan 2011 17:24

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