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The Rising Sun, Epsom

I dunno... it's actually very pleasant. Clean, nicely restored in the old front lounge (presumably the pre-Victorian part) and with a range of beers, wines, food, etc.

The rear dining area is more of a restaurant, the plastic-roofed conservatory is a bit echoey and the garden is a blasted sterile wasteland (but that's typical of a lot of posh-area pubs, who seem to see a garden as an outdoor function room, rather than an opportunity for a pleasant environment.

The beer tasted fine, if a rather dull selection (but it's Youngs-owned, so naturally their branded beers will dominate, even though they no longer brew them).

I dunno... it's just not really a pub, is it? It's a smaller version of so many home counties establishments, where the nice upholstery and family meals seem to have erased the traces of what pubs do best (I'm a midlander, where this trend isn't quite so prevalent). There's a feel that a nicely chilled bottle of rosé and a nice steak are more important than decent ale. Possibly unfair, but that's just my impression. Might want to tell the kitchen staff not to sit (on pub chairs) smoking in the alleyway... not a great first impression.

13 Oct 2015 11:03

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