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King George, Hale

Just been here for dinner. even though we were the only guests and there were more staff than customers the service was appauling. The staff were friendly but what a joke, i thought I was on candid camera!! Asked for cottage pie and was asked if i wanted mash potato or chips? Surely it comes with mash potato and yes I was told I could have veg instead of chips. I had a starter of whitebait which was supposed to come with tartar sauce and it didn't until i asked for it. Sometime after i finished my starter the lady came over and said i sorry i forgot about you "you should have shouted up"!!! Then when the two chicken dinners arrived the lady serving seemed confused that they had different veg to each other...we pointed out that this is because the menu states that they come with different veg and pointed out that the Chicken with the Ropsemary on it would be the "Chicken with Rosemarie (sic)" as it is called on the menu. My cottage pie came with chips and by the time she had bought it back my company had finished their dinner so i sent it back and went to settle the tab. The bar staff said they would knock off the price of the Cottage Pie how generous). The girl at the tillt hen tried to overcharge me as she couldnt cope with the simple maths. I could not believe what a joke this was, I thought I was in faulty towers. The lady then said she would knock off the price of my starter and when I paid I asked for a VAT receipt. The total cost was for 20 but the VAT receipt they gave me was for 6.15 as the food items werent itemised in the till. We were the only people in the pub. What the service is like when they are busy I dread to think. I won't be going back again unless it is just for a beer which was OK.

26 Apr 2012 15:21

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