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Username: gkay33

Age: 51

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The Duke of Wellington, Soho

This has never really been my favorite pub in Soho, but have suffered in silence due to the majority of my circle of friends liking it. I hate it and find the staff for the most part RUDE and OBNOXIOUS. Do not go to this pub unless you like fascists and homophobes. Standing in the corner, minding his own business, my partner was having a good time moving to the music with two blown-up condoms, when the bouncer outside the main door decided it was not acceptable and asked us to leave. We refused asking for a good reason as to what the problem was. None was given, so we demanded to see the manager. Aparentlt the manager was "on a break". After about 10 mins of requesting what the problem was and being threatened with the manager, the bouncer left and we thought that was the end of it. Over an hour and a half later, still minding our own business a member of the bar staff claiming to be the assistant manager came up and said that because of the "trouble" we were causing, we had to leave. Even though there had been no complaints from any other patrons, apparently waving a couple of blown up condoms is an offence. To our abject humiliation, the police were called and we were physically ejected, all because the bouncer did not like a couple of condoms being waved about and the "assistant manager" decided to take the bouncer's word that it was a problem. Never will I go back to thevDuke of Wellington and will advise against anyone going there.

3 Mar 2012 02:46

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