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The Travellers Friend, Woodford Green

Oh dear. Here we have another cowardly twat that thinks it's jolly good japes to slag of both customers and bar staff alike behind the anonymity of this site. Does it not occur to him/them that the site is meant to report on the pub, the beer, the service and the general ambience without reverting to wild accusations and hate filled rhetoric based on nothing other than misguided perceptions and snap judgements. Keith: may you disappear up your own orifice in the most hideous manner and reflect on your inept unprovoked attacks and disgraceful behaviour. I truly hope you have abandoned all desire to revisit The Cricketers and The Travellers Friend ever again given their inconsistent ales, poor and wanton service and staff and the appalling appearance and debate of the customers they entertain.

20 Feb 2015 20:01

The Travellers Friend, Woodford Green

Morrisey; to quote you, or should I say to copy and paste, "Yes, er, something a BIT suspicious about the sudden wave of angrily defensive posts that have appeared post-24th November 2013.

You know, it does seem a bit fishy that ‘Linney’, ‘wanderingstar’, ‘Troye72’, ‘The_Real_Customer’ (anything but ‘real’!), and -- perhaps most suspiciously of all ‘Beergoggles69’ and ‘gimmebeer’ -- all suddenly appear out of nowhere unanimously in support of the new management.

Even if these six accounts belong to different people, they certainly read like they’ve been written by the same individual, and I hope the author/s and new management are not one and the same. If ever there was a case for deleting a pub’s B.I.T.E reviews to date, the Travellers Friend is a candidate. The posts and history of ‘Beergoggles69’ et al, give the impression that the current owners are directly, or indirectly, attempting to correct the imbalance here, rather than letting customers do it".

My comments are that of my own and I can confirm that I have only one user name as more than would appear to be trite. I suspect I know who wrote some of the posts, but it is only a suspicion so I will say no more. I have not been on this site since my last post, but was advised yesterday to look at it again due, I presume due to your post. Furthermore, please be advised that my posts have been written long before Andrew and Scott took over. Yes, I am very firmly behind the new management but can assure you I have no connection to them or the pub other than being a regular.

Glad to see that you are enjoying the new look TF as you call it. 100% upgrade of everything about the place and still the big push is yet to come. Nice to see a younger set of customers of both sexes and a family friendly beer garden. Scott is better than he was but is still crap behind the bar, (his passion is to manage and look after a great and varied beer selection which he does very well), but the rest of the staff are terrific. As a team, Scott and Andrew are great foils to each other and appear to work well together in all things. Long may it continue and I wish them both well for a long and prosperous future.

2 Aug 2014 09:29

The Pineapple, Brimpton Common

Lovely old pub, even lovelier if you are under five foot. Beware the beams. Very welcoming staff behind the bar, good range of real ales on offer. A plentiful enough menu but we opted for the special.
Finding a heavy old, but comfortable table, we awaited our spinach and cheese fish cakes. Upon arrival they looked lovely. However, as soon as I cut in, I found it to be full of peppers which neither my college or I can eat. The staff were very apologetic and took the food away without murmur and offered us a different fishcake. These arrived soon enough, but were a bit lack lustre. Shame. But for peppers, or a better description on the menu, it would have been an enjoyable visit.

7 Jun 2014 11:08

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