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The Red Lion, Leytonstone

'Some blokes' 'outside' 'pressganged' me into this pub. Ahem, 'your dignitaries'. What followed was almost a carbon copy of the history of the Royal Navy. Tragedy, trimuph, joy, more joy, an (forgettable) ascent of Nelson's column, dignitaries. And a 'hosing down'. Rule Britannia, indeed. If only I through otherwise I would be.

9 Dec 2015 11:45

The George, Wanstead

Personally I find the ceiling a bit low in the gents, causing me to bend double when I (was) entered. However I'm six foot six. But enough boasting. Does a nice fosters. And that's not boasting.

9 Dec 2015 11:33

The Three Kings, Clerkenwell

I find the fosters drinkable and the toilets usable. Not attempted the omnipresent pie, due to said conflicts. Challenged? I remain.

9 Dec 2015 11:27

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