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The First And Last, Sennen

Think there must be two First & Last Inns in Sennen because the description given by dave061258 bears no resemblance to the pub I drink in. It is a very friendly pub which is happy to share its space with tourists in the summer months. Yes it can be difficult after months of there being no one in there but a few locals, but we all accept that that's how it is. We all go on holiday ourselves you know, so we know how it feels! Locals standing at the bar will always move aside to let others in and will generally engage them in conversation whilst doing so. As for expecting to get served first, that is a load of rubbish and locals will wait patiently to get served along with everyone else. I got the impression from this persons's write up that he was expecting to be blackballed by the locals before he even walked in the place. Well, sorry you had such a bad experience dave but you truly are one in a trillion. Tourists come back to the First & Last Inn year after year and are welcomed back by us "unfriendly" locals. Don't bother coming back dave - you won't be missed with an attitude like yours.

9 Nov 2010 14:47

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