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Kashmir, Belfast

Brother likes this place me and el Spic hate it

14 Jan 2011 00:36

Boons, Horbury

This is my kinda place, Spanish don't like it very much, but he will come round, there will be plenty boating and plenty Tom coating. I will be yurning and gurning and the brasses will be learning what keeps elphick's world turning.


14 Jan 2011 00:34

The Grotto Inn, Weybridge

Not bad gaff, only problem is there's no gatorade or pepsi. Was in here last week having a quiet one when old boon commando rolled in smashing his face into the bar: blood alcohol must have been 86% he was crying blood when he finally stood up. He looked around the pub then clocked me and screamed WONGA.... AHHHHHHHH!
He threw up and drop his guts at the same time. I dragged him out of there and threw him into a cab. After two jars of maxwell house, he was sober enough to tell me that he was on a bender because of the new envirophone advert... And that he was going to drag me along on his evening quest to the womens institue or the rotary club so he can smash the grannies out of some piece.!!!! That's when I jumped out of the cab... As it pulled away I saw him take a bite out of the driver. Bumped into pat rice, Ian wright and bergkamp on way home all went back to the grotto for lock in, Straight up.

11 Jan 2011 14:35

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