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Username: donnelly11

Age: 51

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The Wheatsheaf, Tunstall

This reply is to dry valleys I have drank in this pub for years and your comment couldnt be any further from the truth, yes obviously in any pub your going to always find that you have some locals who dont work but the majority of the locals who drink in this pub are employed ranging from builders to a solicitor!! I think if you actually took time to talk to some of the locals you would relise how wrong you have got it I would honestly say its one of the friendliest pubs in tunstall and for your comment about there being no decent drinks dont make me laugh! youve got all the top lagers ciders and bitters aswell as a brand new bitter rotated every month I think your just one of them social outcasts who dare not speak to new people and have to make assuptions to justify how you feel, to anybody who wants a nice pint or some cheap lovely food you wouldnt go far wrong with this family pub.

8 Aug 2011 15:45

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