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The Director General, Woolwich

Well I think that review is a bit mean and i really wonder who wrote this.

I am a very fair person and I think the pub is ok. I have visited it a few times now and ok, its not the best in terms of furniture and needs some sprucing up and could do with more light and better seating but overall its quite nice. It has loads of space and different areas eg quiet, buffet areas (on request), dance areas, etc.

I go to numerous venues on my travels as an entertainer and dj and see lots of different things. I have spoken to the manager (steve) who is fairly new to the pub and he seems like a nice enough guy. People are quite nice in here. The most important thing for a female in any pub setting is to feel safe. I feel safe enough to visit this pub by myself and drink here, maybe meet with some friends and chill. It's not the best place in Woolwich but by far it is not the worse. What's nice about Steve is that he does listen to suggestions. He is fresh enough to make changes and to listen to his customers about security and improving the pub.

Infact I thought the pub was nice enough to dj in for a Cancer Relief night on September 15th. (which I don't usually do in pubs at present!!, though this will make a nice change :)

Why don't you try it instead of reading other people's judgements and hidden agendas ?

The music will be good old R&B, Dance, Party, maybe a bit of Bhangra and a FANTASTIC atmosphere !!

1 Aug 2006 12:06

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