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The Earl Haig, Bexleyheath

Awful Pub - used to be a proper pub - just another souless open space now with below avearge food ......... and worst of all seemingly untrained staff with no people skills or knowledge about serving drinks ... management arrogant and mostly invisible - when challengede about a specific point just kept saying "I don't care" which for me sums the place up very nicely ....

7 Mar 2011 09:12

The Fighting Cocks, Horton Kirby

I agree completely with the above comment - the staff (and the day I went it was grossly understaffed) are rude, ignorant and condscending. I went to the pub this afternoon for a quick drink with my wife on a very, very hot day.

I was allowed to queue up at the bar for about 20 minutes waiting to be served. During this time I chatted to other people at the bar and to the barmaid. I eventually came to order 2 drinks and was told by the same barmaid who had been chatting to me -'Sorry we don't serve people in vests tops - its a rule!'

I am a 56 year old solicitor who just stopped by for a quick pint - did they really think I was going to start a fight, or lower the tone of the place because I was wearing a vest! And this from a pub proudly named after a barbaric and illegal activity ...

I will never go to this pub again and I urge others to boycott it until they employ staff who are able to use some comon sense.

11 Jul 2010 16:59

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