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The Old England, Montpelier

Grow up LukeD, do you think I care what you think?

8 Jul 2009 01:05

The Old England, Montpelier

Hannah, are you just cutting and pasting the same comment across various websites? Judging by the comments about 4 shots for a fiver, I reckon you may have a business interest in this pub of some sort. The Old England Montpelier is a well known dealing centre, and as I pointed out before is pretty anti social with its late night 'music' as well. People visiting Bristol wouldn't aim for a 'nice' drink in St Pauls/Montpelier unless they like trouble, decent people would head for any Pub in Clifton.

20 Apr 2009 14:42

The Old England, Montpelier

Eeerily quiet Mick? This pub is clearly a home to the dealers and lowlife of Montpelier, and is in serious risk of getting in to trouble with the authorities in regard to pissing off local residents with massively over loud distorted music pumping out in to the early hours of the morning when it probably doesn't have a appropriate license.

13 Apr 2009 21:59

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