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Bosco Lounge Bar, Surbiton

This is a something different in Surbiton. Bascially a hotel bar, but most of the clientele are just locals.

Good food menu and drink selection and the prices are, if anything, below average for the area. Gets very busy on the weekend.

The only problem is that you have to walk past the awaful Wetherspoons and St Marks Tavern to get there from the town centre!

19 Dec 2008 18:34

Corkys Wine Bar, Surbiton

This is very bad news. I have lived in Surbiton for many years, and Corky's was the only pub/bar that I have ever been intimidated to walk past. Sure, Wetherspoons and St Marks Tavern are both full of chavs, but there was always something sinister about Corky's.

Surbiton is a nice place in general, and does not need bars like this.

29 Feb 2008 13:30

The Grove Tavern, Surbiton

This will be reopening on 28th August according to the website.

Having walked past a few times, the refit looks very nice, and points to the fact that this may be a pub that will actually be worth going to.

As mentioned by others, the thing that they will need to do is change the custom that they attract if they are going to succeed.

On a weekday evening, this pub used to attract loads of builders, who usually seemed to just stand outside swearing and shouting, rather than drinking inside.

On the weekend, it would attract a hideous mix of chav Chelsea football fans, and parents who would let their kids run amok in the garden whilst they drank in the pub.

If they reduce the parking, make the garden less child focussed, and not show sport ALL of the time, it should improve. The area directly surrounding the pub is packed full of youngish commuters who must be looking for another pub to add to the few goods ones already in the area. Gordon Bennett and Harts Boatyard always seem to do well, so there is no reason why the Grove can't as well.

21 Aug 2007 09:31

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