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The Black Lion, Kilburn

I have to agree with the poor service mentioned in previous posts, it can be very frustrating here. Last weekend for instance I stood at the bar next to 2 girls who were clearly already annoyed, to wait a further 10 mins watching as no attention was paid to who might be next (if in doubt they could ask?). Now Iím a patient fellow but this was starting to get beyond a joke, bear in mind we were stood in the middle of the bar with the barmaid with glasses operating from the till directly in front of us. What really got my biscuit was when to my/our right hand side a two burley tattooed guys came in making their presence known (you know the type) and watched in amazement as she walked right past us from one side of the bar to the other to serve them right away in a speed I could only dream of. Amazing!

Fine if this happens on occasion, but being local Iíve noticed itís standard practice here, there really is no excuse as itís never more than half full (I wonder why). Itís a real shame as mentioned below it clearly has got great potential but the staff seem to love running around like headless chickens on a Fri/Sat night, often leaving just 1 or 2 people to serve not matter how many people are waiting for service. Now some bars can operate fine this but certainly not here where service is slow even at the best of times.

I find going to the North London Tavern although allot busier, the service is a thousand times better, speedy and well organised. If you donít want to spend half your night waiting at a bar Iíd recommend here instead until they improve.

10 Oct 2011 12:43

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