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Username: dannye17

Age: 43

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The Coppermill Tavern, Walthamstow

The Coppermill isn't racist? really? really! go on, its Friday night and have a look around. How many black or Asian faces can you see? how many shaven headed white people can you see?
I'm sure you are the kind of white person who would be horrified by the accusation that you personally are racist, but when black people like me avoid your pub because we don't appreciate the looks and comments we get from the locals then you really need to assess your attitude.
When white friends tell me that the Coppermill is "nudge nudge, wink wink" recommended as the walthamstow place for them, and you want that special feeling black people got in pubs in the '70's, the Coppermill is the place for you.

16 May 2014 21:40

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