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Username: cwilson

Age: 48

Sex: female

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Dusk, Battersea

I love this bar. Decided to have my birthday party at Dusk as I love the cocktails basically plus the staff are great and service very good. I reserved an area for 20 with the manager who couldnt have been more helpful. Music was good and loud enough that you can hear each other speak and then later on when youre rather merry it gets cranked up. It was comfortably busy until 11.30pm then the pub crowd came in but its still a good crowd. Dont see why its had some bad reviews as Ive always had a good night in here. I would say is youre groping in the dark in the ladies loos.. you cant apply make up in there as you cant see yourself! Yes its a bit off the beaten track but it doesnt seem to matter as you make the trip anyway. The cocktails did seem to vary in strength though which would explain why I ended up leaving my card behind the bara guaranteed top night out though and perfect for a birthday party.

21 Dec 2006 11:47

The Goat, Battersea

The Goat in Battersea is such a disappointment has so much potential but cant get it right. The service is the slowest in Battersea. Their only defence was were not usually this busy on a Tuesday night - just before xmas! They only had 3 people behind the bar and had a great knack of ignoring you. I spent 25 mins at the bar ordering a drink, then 20 mins queuing to pay my bill. I ordered food which took 40 mins to arrive and was cold, even though it was tasty. It also cant decide what dcor it wants, at the same time its freezing at the back of the pub. Never coming here again unless I want to waste my life away.. there is much better in the area

20 Dec 2006 17:22

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