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Valley, Scarborough

An update is surely due. Come on BAZNPAT and you other locals. What is the current state of affairs regarding this great watering hole?

7 Jun 2012 13:56

North Riding Hotel, Scarborough

Those of you visiting this pub from out of town need to appreciate it serves as the local CAMRA HQ and therefore no dissenting voice is allowed!
Having said that it does serve a good range of beers and of course itís own brews. As for price I cannot comment but according to all internet sources the average cost of a pint of beer in the UK is about £2.90. Therefore if you can get a pint of real ale in good condition at less, then I would have thought it represented a bargain!
With regard to BAZNPAT they are the local Ďknow it allísí with the reality that it is only Baz who voices his opinions, his wife Pat merely stands by her man without saying anything!
That said Bazís take on the real ale scene in Sheffield is well worth following; on anything else trust your own thoughts, opinions and instincts.

7 Jun 2012 13:33

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