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Username: chris2

Age: 35

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The Princess Louise, Holborn

Indeed there is absolutely no need to be worried. As previously said, in order to do a proper job on a fantastic old pub like this, it does take time. Not only is the pub going to be repaired but it is also going to be returned to its state after the famous refurb which got it into the state which it is roughly in now. Unfortunately during roughly the 1960s some of the old partitions were destructively and unsympathetically removed. However these will be reinstated to make it a truly spectactular old pub, exactly as it was meant to be.

28 Sep 2007 23:52

The Cittie of Yorke, Holborn

Great pub: amazing main bar with its vaulted ceiling so it has a fantastic atmosphere particularly when full. Beer is also extraordinarily good (I love the real ale from the wooden cask - how many places can you find that these days?!!) and what's more it's extremely good value. To be fair it's what we've come to expect from a quality, no-nonsense brewery like Samuel Smiths. Cheers for the Old Brewery Tadcaster!

28 Sep 2007 23:44

The White Horse, Soho

great pub, nice relaxed atmosphere amongst hustle and bustle of soho. it's very sad that some people are fickle enough to believe that because something is not too expensive it's rubbish - that couldn't be less true with the white horse. fantastic beer, fantastic prices

7 Sep 2007 21:27

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