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Username: chipps1977

Age: 34

Sex: male

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The Blacksmiths Arms, Cudham

Hey Cakenhoff,
Very disappointed in your last reply. How could anybody take you seriously after such a crude response. You have shown yourself to be a plonker and a dickhead. JP thinks you could be an anorak.
Look Cakenhoff,we don't want to see you crumble like this and because of our Christian values, we still want you to come to Christmas pi**up.You will be pleased to know the fat locals now call it the "CAKENHOFF BASH". so come along, push your way through to the bar and get the attention of a bar bitch,-i will treat you to a shandy, or a martini if you prefer.
Man up,and don't crumble, CAKENHOFF!

Mr Chipps, caretaker of the F.O.L and protector of the B.B.s

10 Oct 2013 12:02

The Blacksmiths Arms, Cudham

Hey Cakenhoff
Had a word with the fat obnoxious locals sitting at the bar, I have now introduced a swear box I asked the bar hogging locals what charity we should support with the money raised, and after much sole searching. They decided to spend it on AN ALMIGHTY P***UP at Christmas.
So would you like to join us and our bar bitches.

Anthony Chipps The Pub Manager and caretaker of the fat obnoxious locals.

3 Oct 2013 13:49

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