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The East Dulwich Tavern (EDT), Dulwich

four pound fifty for a bottle of Kopparberg..... your having a bubble.

5 Aug 2008 17:13

The Goldsmiths Tavern, New Cross


X! Dwarf and guests play electro, indie, post-punk and new wave.

316 New Cross Road, SE14 6AF (020 8692 7381)

9pm-2am /// FREE ADMISSION.
BR: New Cross/New Cross Gate



Stella Artois £2.20
Carling £2.20
Cronenberg £2.20


Tequila £1
Sambuca £1
Apple Sours £1


Red £7.90
Rose £7.90
White £7.90

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


The Friday night face of New Cross is changing.

It was once some post-apocalyptic war zone - resembling something akin to Mad Max 2 except with an abundance of kebab shops. One where ‘heading out’ meant watching Blind Willy McTaggart play Jenga in some crooked watering hole. One where you could purchase a hipflask of antifreeze and a monkey from the same seedy character.

Now, there stands a brave new world. One where the rabid local hordes mingle with the scholarly student types of the neighbouring Goldsmiths art college. One that saw Time Out herald “the new New Cross underground, a melting pot of ideas that takes in music, film, theatre, comedy, visual art, performance art and art for art’s sake”. One that led a certain cultural commentator to proclaim – without any shred of hyperbole – that contemporary New Cross is “like Haight Asbury in 1966”.

NO MORE DISCO is the heroic centerpiece of this innovative New Cross. While the New Cross Inn and the revamped Amersham Arms have enjoyed recent success, this night chose to return to SE14’s original home of artistic revelry and rambunctious raucousness – the GOLDSMITHS TAVERN. Seeking to revive its reputation as a creative hub, both night and venue offer a superior site for a gathering – EVERY FRIDAY.

Overseen by local scene siren X! Dwarf, No More Disco utilises his DJ talents, as well as the pristine, unsullied skills of weekly guests. A doubtlessly eventful evening will be soundtracked by a cutting-edge mix of fat-arsed electro, gritty post-punk, needle-sharp indie and newer wave of new wave – as well as head-warping visual accompaniments.

Because Disco - to paraphrase the great Fred Astaire - is just jitterbug…

27 Jun 2008 09:12

The Goldsmiths Tavern, New Cross

dude, you clearly havn't been here recently. you have no clue. they ID everyone that goes in there. The food here is great, like it or not and the new staff are friendly as f****. stop living in the past and accept that things can change.

5 May 2008 18:48

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