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The Chequers Inn, Witney

Really really dull place to be in unfortunately. People only go there when the other pubs are shut on a Saturday and they need booze. It's just dark and depressing, seems very metal/ gothic which isn't inviting at all really. Needs revamp and friendlier people behind the bar

20 Aug 2012 03:17

Fat Lill's, Witney

Lils has always been a great place to see live bands with a good sound system and lighting system etc. Although the young music scene has dropped lots, they still very much pull older people (middle aged) in well with the tribute acts, covers bands and all 80s bands etc eg Dirty Earth Band. It's exciting place to be in at any time. Quite small bar but they host a range of cocktails as well as all your usual lagers etc, and shots and so on. Finally, they've recently added to the business, with right next door a very exciting tex-mex american style 'grill' with mood lighting, diner style seating and a snazzy bar. Cool place to be

20 Aug 2012 03:14

The Red Lion Hotel, Witney

The Red Lion is now got a new manager etc Tom who means well, young but fresh. Well dressed all the time with a clean outlook on the pub. They are very keen on making the pub fun and involving everyone in it ! On Saturdays, it is very fun to be in, with them doing their own disco with great speakers and lighting, which involves everyone! That is in the bar area, if you walk to back of the pub, you've got a nice little stage and PA system- with another cool mood lighted bar which means bands play often on a saturday night as well. Bringing so much variety to the pub's nights there. Also they do weekly Karaoke and darts etc which are fun.

20 Aug 2012 03:10

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