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The Port n' Ale, Tipton

Oh dear dear me.. What on earth has happened. This used to be a lovely pub, but now its a grotty hole far fetched from what it was when it first re-opened.

The place was a real ale lovers haven, decent beers, good food and great staff. NO LONGER.. Its just... well.. erm.. gone. I would be very surprised if it remains in the Good Beer Guide much longer, if it hasn't already been removed. The beers are to put it frankly, crap. Gone is the wide choice, two beers and to say they are mediocre would be an understatement of gargantuan proportions.

When John Denston took this place on he started well. The beers were the best in the area, better in fact than in his Bilston pub. Now being frank, I'd struggle to say anything nice about the place. Its quite frankly gone to the dogs, and I am afraid its been going this way for a while now.

Can John bring it back to its original glory, I very much doubt it. Its too far gone now. The management are ill trained, not knowledgeable about real ales and are just there to pick up a wage. No passion for the place, which is so far fetched from how it all started about 7 years ago.

As I said, used to be the best real ale pub in the area. No longer..

9 Jun 2013 23:39

The Olde White Rose, Bilston

Went in today.

Busy, thriving and a good selection of ales on. It seemed a bit hit and miss. Some really good, some average, and a couple really poor.

the food we ordered was quickly served, but being honest, not the best quality. OK for cheap and cheerful it soaks up the ale but presentation was a bit lacking and it seemed to lack any real taste. On the whole not bad but nothing to really sing home about either.

I live the Rose, its got character and it doesn't pretend to be anything other than a boozer. No frills, no airs no graces. If you want spick and span then this really isn't the place for you, but if you want a rough and ready midlands boozer then this should be right up your street.

On a side note however, friends of mine stopped in the recently opened hotel annex part, and to say they gave it good reviews is understating. Apparanlty its superb so if your in Bilston and looking for somewhere to stay, this is the place. From all accounts you won't be disappointed....

24 Apr 2011 00:33

The Port n' Ale, Tipton

Disco... Karaoke....fancy Dress.....

Oh come on... what happened to it being a real ale pub like the Olde White Rose......

Why not wham in Sky Sports as well and go the whole hog...

Was planning a night here on the 29th with friends.. Not now.. If I want loud noise and bad singers I'll go to a Spice Girls concert...

We had high hopes for this place when it opened. Now its just another pub resorting to Karaoke and discos to try getting bums in the door. Obviously the real ales aren't enough anymore. When people stop using real ale pubs theres only one conclusion that you can draw from it.

Why do they bother with the real ales.. Just stick on lager, alcopops and coke for the kids ( and I don't mean the drink either ). Its what the pubs obviously about now.


21 Apr 2011 18:04

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