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Username: canigou

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Ye Olde Reindeer, Banbury

I love this pub,when I moved to North Oxfordshire and was checking out the pubs in Banbury imagin my delight in discovering this olde world gem.This pub is one of my all time favourites and I love pubs and spend more time in them than my other half would like,I should say I like my pubs to be how they used to be,that is drinking houses,quiet,without the all to common music, machines etc etc.It seems to me that the Reindeer has it all,the staff are great,one lass in particular is lovely.Don't forget to take a peep in the room at the back where Cromwell spent time during the English civel war.Living in Yorkshire now I miss Banbury a lot,what I particularly miss is the Reindeer,one of Englands great pubs.

27 Nov 2008 16:54

The New Dungeon Ghyll Hotel, Langdale

OK I have been going into this place for a long time now, I have also stayed there a couple of times,I love this place,but what to say?If you have been lucky enough to have been in on an evening of folk music in front of its roaring fire in the middle of winter or have sat outside in the sun with a cold pint of cider after a trip to Scafell and back you will know what I mean.Sadly I too have met one or two of the staff when they are in the mood to be just plain rude,in fact one new year eve lunchtime back in 1990 the Barman on duty told me I would get a punch in the mouth if I did not queue,now maybe I should of been more aware of what was going on around me but I had been in this place many times before and never saw anyone in a line at the bar.Sometime a year or so later I once again came acoss the same barman being rude to another customer I quess, I hope he has moved on now though I know he was,is a native of the valley.All in all though this is a great place, there can be few other places in this country with so much going for it, so much character.

27 Nov 2008 16:37

The Britannia Inn, Elterwater

What a wonderful pub this is, whenever Iam in Langdale I just have to pop in for a pint or two of Conistone Bluebird(in fact the first pint of this excellent ale was had here) the whole place is just fantastic,go there on a cold winters day after a walk in the hills,sit next to the fire and enjoy a pint in one of the Lakes finest pubs.If the Britannia has a drawback its because it is so popular and it can be hard to find somewhere to sit,try the tiny bar round to the left as you face the building you can often find a pew there when there is standing room only in the main bar.

27 Nov 2008 16:11

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