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Username: cafc

Age: 36

Sex: ?

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The Bugle Horn, Charlton

Milwall my arse this is pure Charlton pub

24 Nov 2005 16:37

The Rat and Parrot, Bexleyheath

Everyone keeps goin on about Sundays. Its only good on a Sunday because there is f**k all else to do!Stuck in doors watching antiques road show, ring a mate ''fancy going down the rat to perv at all the dirt bags in short skirts'' YES PLEASE. beers cheap but they forget to tell you they serve it in warm childs beakers because apparently certain people lose the plot at the sight of glass and start smahing them over girls heads?? Saw England beat Australia in this gaff tho with the most beautiful girl in the world so its lucky to me. Warning to old people: it takes about 20 minutes to walk the distance of this pub so incontinent? i advise a pub thats not the size of asda.

24 Nov 2005 16:14

Affinity, Bexleyheath

looks like a shop. Jump up and you'll hit your head on the ceiling. Expenses warm beer, ignorant bar staff, oversized bouncers looking slightly pathetic to be honest. nice place tho

24 Nov 2005 16:02

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