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The Golden Lion, Dover

I must say i was very shocked and upset by the very toxic and hateful comments posted by Tippler1964 and must say i am 100% behind Sahara for sticking up for Rab & Theresa and all the rest of the Golden Lion pride.
When i moved to Dover about 12 years ago the Lion was the first pub in dover i used and made a lot of friends from the regulars and i am still in contact with most of them.
Rab & Theresa are a lovely couple and i always found them both welcoming and friendly and run the lion to the best of their ability under very difficult circumstances, it is not easy running a pub in this very difficult time but they stuck at it as long as they could and never let the regulars down right to the very end. I was present on the last day and it was mixture of feeling very sad for Rab & Theresa and very angry at the fat cat brewery for not investing in such wonderful genuine people and a lovely family local pub.
Tippler 1964 i first felt anger towards you and your comments but now pity you for what you have said as you obviously only visited the lion a very few times and did not really appreciate what the pub the people that run it and the people that used it was all about.
Tippler 1964 let tell you something that anyone who really knew what the Lion was about will agree even if the Lion had no roof or windows and was open to all the elements we would still have used it as the warm welcome always kept us dry and comfortable.
Yes towrads the end the place was starting to show signs of neglect here and there the lack of heating being the main thing but the beer and the welcome never altered.
Sahara i hope this goes a little way to putting the record straight and hope i speak for us all,.
The one thing i do know is that the brewery edged their bets and lost as just over a year since the Lion sadly closed its doors for the last time the building is still up for sale and has cost them money GOOD thats what i say but unfortunately big companys never put people like Rab & Theresa first only profits but if mr fat cat reads this, IT DID NOT WORK THIS TIME DID IT.

10 May 2012 12:37

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